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Government Contactors

CTF provides funds to government contractors to enable them to pay vendors in advance so their goods can be delivered and their contracts can be fulfilled. In addition, CTF provides factoring and pre-invoice funding to companies providing services to the government, including consulting companies, security services companies, and the like.

Through its expertise in procurement and close proximity to Washington D.C. — based Government entities, CTF specializes in providing financing to Government contractors who require capital to be able to perform on government contracts, particularly the micro and small enterprises and — within them — the disadvantaged and/or minority or veteran owned companies.

Government agencies operate under specific policies and procedures and must comply with particular procurement requirements. CTF is fully conversant with all these policy and procedural requirements and is able to assist its clients in complying with them, thereby facilitating and expediting the financing of projects and contracts, while enhancing the contracting relationships clients enjoy with government agencies.

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