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Purchase Order Financing / Government Contract Financing

Claro Trade Finance (CTF) is a financing company that provides transactional working capital to micro, small and medium sized firms, offering sensible and practical solutions to the growing needs of these types of companies, with simple to understand pricing structures and personalized service provided by industry experts who strive to understand the needs of their clients.

When cash flow concerns or capital shortages affect companies, CTF is there to provide funding, fast and efficiently. CTF’s flexibility allows our company to work closely with its clients, analyzing the merits of each transaction and striving to find the best possible ways and means to provide clients with the funds needed to fulfill their contracts, thus helping companies to make the most out of their business growth opportunities.

While the client’s balance sheet is always important, CTF also takes into consideration the economic and commercial viability of the client, its expertise and its track record, thus making an informed financing decision with speed and without bureaucracy. CTF’s goal is to ensure the business success of its clients while it’s most important asset is its flexibility and creative financing mechanisms.

At Claro Trade Finance, we consider not only a client’s past performance, but also their potential opportunity. As a privately funded financing company, we provide transactional working capital at very competitive rates. But that’s only the beginning of the value we provide.